4 Lessons for Re-entering the Workforce

Hot topics right now include men and women re-entering the workforce.

What does that mean? Let me tell you first hand.

I was faced with two kids entering college in the not too far future with expenses that had increased 110% more rapidly than what was initially anticipated! I have a college degree, worked my way to management in my corporate job, and then I had children. My husband keep-calm-and-return-to-work-3and I mutually agreed that I would stay home with the kids as he was the higher wage earner. I was more than willing as I immersed myself in my children’s upbringing and volunteer work within their schools and our community. I felt truly blessed.

My husband and I decided I would re-enter the workforce on a part-time, flexible basis when both our children were able drive. Fortunately, my computer skills had continued to be put to use as well as the intangible skills such as project management, etc., through my volunteer work.

However, the technology had far outpaced my skill set. I had a great attitude and I was willing to take any office job in order to learn. Meanwhile, I also enrolled in classes offered through my community college.

I now share with other woman what I have learned personally:

  1. Be realistic! Don’t expect to step in to a role that you left 10-15 years earlier!
  2. Get your technology skills up to date! Research courses and training at a local community college or career center in your area.
  3. Realize that you learn from every job! Be willing to take risks and take the job you may feel is “below you.” Chances are, you will learn something new at every company, in every position.
  4. Attitude is EVERYTHING! If you think you can, you can; if you think you can’t, you won’t! Employers know the difference!

Stay-at-home moms offer a great deal to employers! With time and patience, it IS possible to have a successful career the second time around! I am living proof!

Best of luck to you all!