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Leading the Race

The Big Payoff In Putting Your Best Offer Forward

Extraordinary Times for Hiring The labor market is going through extraordinary times: historically fast job growth, severe labor shortages, low unemployment rate, and a big shift to remote work. The talent pool has significantly changed in the past two years, our goal remains the same; making the best talent match to your open positions. You win the candidate when you […]

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The Retiree’s Conundrum

Most retirees have investment goals of protecting their nest egg, but many also have income needs from their portfolios. Everyone is aware that stock indexes are at record high levels and interest rates are near historical lows. The safest investments like bank CDs and short-term treasury securities have extremely low yields that are below the rate of inflation. The story […]

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It’s Never Too Late To Be Wise While Investing

A couple of news stories caught my eye this week. One was in Tuesday’s The Wall Street Journal titled “Hedge Fund World’s One-Man Wealth Machine.” The article, by Rob Copeland , tells the story of hedge fund manager, David Abrams, who runs Abrams Capital Management LP which manages about $8 billion. The main points of interest are Mr. Abrams’s extremely low profile, small staff […]

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When Life Gives You Lemons

This past Sunday was a very hot day here in Dallas, so what better time to have a refreshing cold drink. Fortunately, my next door neighbor gave me the scoop on some great lemonade stands being set up in multiple locations around the city. I learned that these stands are part of National Lemonade Day. National Lemonade Day is a program designed […]

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Mini Primer on Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

Today many investment advisors and individual investors use ETFs or exchange-traded funds rather than, or in addition to, individual stocks and bonds or mutual funds. Today about 25% of all equity dollar volume is accounted for by trading in ETFs.  Most of that volume is concentrated into relatively few ETFs. Given that ETFs are typically designed to track certain indexes, […]

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