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How Quality of Hire is Revolutionizing Recruitment

  In the busy world of finding talent, many metrics have guided recruiters’ strategies such as time-to-hire and acceptance rate. Yet, amidst the sea of data, there’s a clear shift—a move towards the tricky idea of quality of hire. Recently, LinkedIn released The Future of Recruiting, a study that determined quality of hire was becoming the most important metric used […]

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Closing the Deal: Best Practices for Irresistible Offer Letters

Congratulations! You’ve identified the perfect candidate to join your team. Now, it’s crucial to recognize the impact of an expertly crafted offer letter. We find many clients often overlook this important step and others only have dry offer letter templates that are frequently incomplete. Let’s delve into why offer letters are integral to the hiring process and explore essential tips […]

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Neurodivergent Employees: The Key to Innovation

We all know no two minds are identical. And the best managers, HR departments and corporations learn how to make our all-too-human differences in thinking styles, problem-solving approaches and perspectives work for them. Unfortunately, we can often overlook the potential contributions of neurodivergent individuals, limiting the ability of our teams to drive growth and innovation. Yet, studies have found that […]

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Jump In To StrongHER Talent

Jump in to StrongHER Talent

We recognize that achieving equity is an issue for everyone, and part of our mission is to help drive the breakthrough through our work. Accordingly, our passion is placing leaders in crucial executive roles and finding the best talent for our client’s teams. Spot on Talent is a woman-owned business; our drive is to connect highly skilled professionals with meaningful work opportunities. Hats off to all who have and continue to pave the way. Let’s keep moving forward.

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New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Work

Use Employees’ Work-related Resolutions for Positive Outcomes

After two years where the world of work was upended, chief executives say their focus this year will be strengthening their relationships with their teams. A good place to start is using employees’ work-related resolutions. What are your employees’ 2023 work-related resolutions? Workhuman’s Monthly  captured employees’ 2023 goals in this Human Workplace Index:  Embrace work-related resolutions Many workers adopt the  […]

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September's Hiring Sprint

September is a Splendid Month for Your Job Search

Summer is quickly wrapping up, vacations are ending, kids are going back to school and the job market is picking up. September and October are ideal months for a job search. Check out our top three reasons these months are splendid for your search: Summertime Conflicts Are Done Summer vacations during the months of June, July, and August, disrupt team […]

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Brand Protection During Your Hiring Process

Reputation Management During Your Hiring Process

Spot On Talent is in the business of helping you grow your business – changing the way you look at talent acquisition, employee retention, and employee engagement which grows the top line of your business. We believe in being a principled extension of our client’s brand to facilitate the best hiring journey for you and candidates seeking to join your team.

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