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Who’s In Your Trusted Career Circle?

When it comes to growing your career, conventional wisdom provides us with a familiar formula: Attend a competitive college, secure a great first job, work hard to prove yourself, earn projects and promotions, and successfully climb the ladder. There’s nothing wrong with this formula. There’s a reason why we follow it. It’s a successful formula. But what if there were […]

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Flexible Corporate Culture: Finding that Fit

During the election, both candidates highlighted and discussed the need for workplace flexibility. Unfortunately, their focus was on this issue for women while in truth work/life fit is a priority for employed men and women. The election is over. It is time to take action. How do you implement a flexible workplace program while avoiding the pitfalls? If you need a reminder […]

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A Morning with Professional Women

We love social media, email and phone calls, but nothing beats face-to-face interactions and conversations. All this topped with breakfast provided by our friends at Wynnwood in a perfect venue, DUO-All Things Culinary. On October 4th, Mom Corps invites you to a morning of informal discussions about work/life balance and flexible work solutions … An opportunity to really connect. Our candidates are […]

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