Recruiter-Candidate Relationships

We previously shared the benefits of working with a recruiter in a spotlight article. Once you have decided to partner with a recruiter you need to build your relationship.

Building a strong rapport with your recruiter can make you a more visible candidate. Additionally, it sets you apart from other applicants. A recruiter’s purpose is to match the perfect job with the perfect candidate. They don’t find jobs for people — they find people for jobs.

Quality Connections

Recruitment is a human activity making relationship building important. Equally important recruiters genuinely care about getting to know you and making sincere connections. Although digital recruitment strategies are fantastic to make an initial connection, then recruiters want to have individual conversations to get to know you.  

The job search can be filled with highs and lows. However, having a solid relationship will result in a more successful approach to your search process.

High-Five Tips for Building Recruiter Relationships

  1. Ask the Right Questions
    “Please give me an assessment of my strengths as a candidate”
    “How can I market myself to employers?
    “Do I need to upskill or get new certifications?”
  2. Share Where You Are in Your Search
    Who are your target companies/organizations you want to work for? Also, where and how have you applied?
  3. Hard Work, Dedication, and Responsiveness
    Hard work and dedication to the search process specifically show your work ethic.
  4. Stay in Touch (even after you get the job)
  5. Share Your Success
    Recommend your recruiter to friends and peers. Great referrals undoubtedly raise your profile.

Land Your Dream Job

A solid candidate-recruiter relationship requires a blend of honesty, transparency, communication, and responsiveness. Good rapport helps a recruiter act in your best interests and ultimately help you get your dream job. We thrive on working together to achieve common goals and we value our relationships.

If you’re exploring options, please schedule a confidential consultation.