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Elevate Your Career: The Benefits of Returning to the Office

  Oh, the wonders of working from home. Short commutes. Pets in our laps. No time lost on wardrobe selections for the day. But it’s been more than three years since we first heard the word “coronavirus” and started shopping for at-home office decor. Many companies have already recalled their remote workforce to their offices and others continue to follow […]

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September's Hiring Sprint

September is a Splendid Month for Your Job Search

Summer is quickly wrapping up, vacations are ending, kids are going back to school and the job market is picking up. September and October are ideal months for a job search. Check out our top three reasons these months are splendid for your search: Summertime Conflicts Are Done Summer vacations during the months of June, July, and August, disrupt team […]

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Spot On Talent Celebrates Women's History Month

A Celebration of Women’s History in the Workplace

March is an opportunity to celebrate the women around us and recognize their hard work to advance women in the workplace. It has been documented that companies that have women in various levels of the organization experience higher revenue and profit, greater innovation, increased employee engagement, productivity and commitment. Significant advancements happen when people from a diverse set of backgrounds […]

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Building a Powerful Personal Brand to Dominate the Workplace

Make 2021 the year you invest in your personal brand! Personal branding makes you the CEO of the brand called you. Build a strong foundation and it becomes a powerful marketing tool that can help manage your career and build your reputation. What is a Personal Brand? You may think personal branding is reserved for influencers and monetizing your persona […]

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‘Tis the Season to Network

The holiday season is upon us and with it comes opportunities to eat, drink and network. Yes, network. It is tempting to relax into the mix of parties, eggnog and ugly Christmas sweaters that is the holiday season but in doing so, you might be letting opportunities pass you by. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sound like a walking […]

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Does Your Social Media Need a Good Scrubbing?

Employers are increasingly using social media to screen prospective candidates, in fact, many use third-party services to screen applicants. Thanks to AI, employers can not only search the big, known social media players – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn – but they can also look through every Reddit post, Pinterest pin, blog comment and insert-name-of-emerging-platform-here you ever posted. Your social […]

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How Do You Turn the Tight Labor Market to Your Advantage?

All signs point to a tight labor market. Here is the situation as it stands right now: Companies are struggling to fill job openings as the unemployment rate has been at or below 4 percent for more than a year. Yes, there is a slowdown in the global economy. But moderate job gains in the U.S. are still expected for […]

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How to Rock Your Phone and Video Interviews

The average job posting has more than 250 applicants. Recruiters are looking for ways to screen applicants quickly and efficiently, which is why they are increasingly turning to phone and video interviews during the early stages of the screening process. At this stage, recruiters are looking for three things: Interest – You may be thinking, “I wouldn’t have applied for the […]

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Tips to Stay Organized During Your Job Search

Job hunting can be a job in itself. You are managing your inbox, social media presence, and recruiters – sometimes all at once. The best way to stay focused on your job search is to be prepared. Managing Your Inbox You will likely get approached by recruiters during your job search. Have a few response templates handy when these opportunities arise: If […]

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