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Spot On Talent Celebrates Women's History Month

A Celebration of Women’s History in the Workplace

March is an opportunity to celebrate the women around us and recognize their hard work to advance women in the workplace. It has been documented that companies that have women in various levels of the organization experience higher revenue and profit, greater innovation, increased employee engagement, productivity and commitment. Significant advancements happen when people from a diverse set of backgrounds […]

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How Do You Manage a Virtual Workforce?

I recently had the honor of speaking to an amazing group of female insurance executives in New York City. Prior to speaking, one of AIG’s C-suite leaders, the only male in the room, discussed recruiting and retention challenges for females in the insurance industry including the virtual workforce. One of the methods being tested to attract and retain more women […]

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Performance Management is So Last Century

Literally. Performance Management has its roots in methodology based in the early 1900s for a workforce that had binary, repeatable tasks and the measure of effectiveness was making more widgets. Now we have a knowledge-based workforce requiring complex skills, fluid roles, and innovation. The definition of effective performance is constantly evolving. And yet, we keep heaping on layers of process […]

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Dallas is a Diamond in the Rough

I give Dallas a knuckle-to-knuckle high five for embracing Mom Corps, our outstanding candidates and our mission.  This business community is progressive. Over and over I’m questioned by people I meet “Are you finding Dallas businesses receptive to flexible employment?” Some people are skeptical … “you really think businesses will hire professionals on a flexible basis – even permanent hires?” […]

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