September's Hiring Sprint

Summer is quickly wrapping up, vacations are ending, kids are going back to school and the job market is picking up. September and October are ideal months for a job search. Check out our top three reasons these months are splendid for your search:

Summertime Conflicts Are Done

Summer vacations during the months of June, July, and August, disrupt team cohesiveness in the hiring processes. As September approaches, key decision makers in the hiring process are back to regular schedules resulting in a faster hiring process. You might find that you are back in a more consistent schedule as well. Read more about the opportunities after a summer slowdown in this Ladders article.

Goal & Objective Fulfillment is Fullsteam

September kicks off a dogged focus by corporate leaders to accomplish whatever they can by the end of the year and to even start planning for the next one. Companies are trying to meet their monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals and new hires can help them achieve their metrics. For many industries, Q4 is the make-it-or-break-it quarter of the year. Hiring managers want essential team members in place to rock the close of the year.

Urgency Before the Holidays

Traditionally there is a hiring lull at the end of November and all of December as people move into holiday mode. The lull creates an urgency which translates to a quicker response to applications and speeds up the entire hiring process in September and October. HR departments recognize that it is more difficult to reach top talent during the holidays. In addition, hiring managers are looking for new employees to be trained and ready for the next year.

Prepare for the September Hiring Wave

1.       Update your resume. This is the most important tool in your job search, and it needs to clearly communicate your expertise, unique experience, accomplishments, and career goals.

2.       Network, network, network! Networking is a very important part of the process. Check out this previous article for 5 Helpful Tips for Rejoining the Workforce, #3 addresses networking.

3.       Refresh and practice your interview skills

The hiring push that happens in September and October is a sprint! Hiring will slow down mid-to-late November, so take advantage. We’re here to help you navigate your job search and ride the fall hiring wave. We’re rooting for you!