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New Pay Transparency Laws Your Company Must Know

If it seems like talking about potential salaries or previous salaries with candidates has gotten more complicated — and potentially problematic —  you’re not imagining things.   Across the country, a growing patchwork of state and municipal laws now target pay discrimination in ways that affect companies nationwide. Most recently, this effort includes requirements for businesses to disclose salaries in […]

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Constructive Compensation Conversations

Pay transparency is a hot topic for candidates and hiring managers across all industries. As a Job seeker, you want to understand employers’ compensation packages regardless of the employment type. Honest and up front conversations about compensation will ensure all are on the same page which will save everyone time and energy. Senior Recruiting Partner, Tami Rosas, gives insights on […]

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Counteroffer Caution: Four Reasons to Resist Countering

In the past three years, millions of Americans have said, “I quit.” The counteroffer is one retention tool at leaders’ disposal. Leaders, use caution when you choose this strategy! CEB’s data suggests 50% of employees who accept a counteroffer leave within 12 months; that is unsettling! Paired with undesirable outcomes, the counteroffer could be more costly and damaging than parting […]

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Real Recruiter Talk

We are hard at work finding dream jobs and building dream teams. If you are searching, you know the experience comes with highs and lows, ongoing task lists, and requires great attention to detail. Our team is working harder than ever to find the best people for the best opportunity. You probably already know it can go wrong at any […]

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Jump In To StrongHER Talent

Jump in to StrongHER Talent

We recognize that achieving equity is an issue for everyone, and part of our mission is to help drive the breakthrough through our work. Accordingly, our passion is placing leaders in crucial executive roles and finding the best talent for our client’s teams. Spot on Talent is a woman-owned business; our drive is to connect highly skilled professionals with meaningful work opportunities. Hats off to all who have and continue to pave the way. Let’s keep moving forward.

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