I give Dallas a knuckle-to-knuckle high five for embracing Mom Corps, our outstanding candidates and our mission.  This business community is progressive.

Over and over I’m questioned by people I meet “Are you finding Dallas businesses receptive to flexible employment?” Some people are skeptical … “you really think businesses will hire professionals on a flexible basis – even permanent hires?”

“Yep! Not only will they, they are!”

Yes, this is an employer job market, but even with plenty of employees to choose from there is a shortage of professionals who really fit the bill – those that have the on-target skill set, experience and work ethic. Smart employers, our clients, realize the workforce is changing and the diamonds (as our very own client Deanna Walker at Venturity Financial Partners put it) are our Mom Corps candidates.

Our Mom Corps diamonds allow Dallas employers to reduce headcount and the associated labor cost, rapidly expand into new markets, add senior level experience and do so at a fraction of the cost! Our Mom Corps candidates shine and sparkle while improving bottom line profits and achieving new business objectives. Who wouldn’t want a few diamonds working for their business?

Ask the accounting and financial firms who utilize our team of accountants to supplement their staff and assist with overflow. Ask the growing digital company who uses our diamonds for customer service and business development. Talk to the law firm who recognizes their support staff is taxed and uses Mom Corps diamonds to allow them to manage workload.  Listen to the healthcare company who told us you have access to a network of professionals that is untapped in Dallas.

Sure there are a few businesses that I’m sure I’ll run into that “don’t get it”. I’m not worried about them. Dallas IS progressive, I’d stack us up against either coast!

We ARE Dallas, Texas, after all! Our companies are progressive, get it, and know a diamond when they see one!