Use Employees’ Work-related Resolutions for Positive Outcomes

New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Work

After two years where the world of work was upended, chief executives say their focus this year will be strengthening their relationships with their teams. A good place to start is using employees’ work-related resolutions.

What are your employees’ 2023 work-related resolutions?

Workhuman’s Monthly  captured employees’ 2023 goals in this Human Workplace Index

Embrace work-related resolutions

Many workers adopt the  ‘new year, new workplace’ mindset. The Human Workplace Index shows nearly half are looking for a promotion. In addition, close to a third are seeking better-paying positions. However, employees seem self-motivated, as seen by the bottom three responses. Here employees focus on what they can control, like their organization, boundaries, and balance.  Another key point was the work/life balance is up against the distribution and reconfiguration of the previous two years.  Leaders with employee aspirations in mind can formulate retention strategies to strengthen their relations. 

Our recruiters hear the same goals in their conversations with top candidates. Awareness and support around these goals might be quick wins for both parties. The Human Workplace Index summarizes these goals and tactics to achieve them in the  Looking Back to Plan Forward article

Benefits of resolution successes

By comparing employees’ top resolutions to your corporate culture, leaders can connect with their teams to help them succeed. Potentially providing a competitive advantage. Which is necessary for the current hiring landscape. Employees continue to have an advantage in the aftermath of ‘The Great Resignation’ and ‘Quiet Quitting.’ If you find yourself searching for dynamic talent, watch Finding Dynamic Talent in a Tight Labor Market on our Spotlight page.

Be intentional about engaging in 2023 in the hope that understanding work-related resolutions will promote workplace satisfaction and retention. Communicating work-related goals gets everyone involved in turning them into broader objectives.