Our Mom Corps Dallas clients tell us, “I can find the people who can do the work, that’s not the problem. It’s finding the people who do their work well consistently, have a glass half-full attitude and a what-can-I-do-to-add-to-the-team approach.”

Our goal at Mom Corps Dallas is not to get a body in the seat or a player on the court. It is to find talent that, no matter what, delivers nothing but net. These employees are the ones who make the real difference, to internal morale, your work product and the bottom line.

Our stars don’t come from expected channels. They come from digging deep, drilling down and finding top talent thirsty to be engaged. This talent pool has the work ethic, can-do attitude and appreciates the opportunity to work hard for the starting line-up position.

They can be women, and men, who for no other reason than the blocked, leaky corporate-talent pipeline have acquiesced to a seat on the bench.

The long term opportunity lies in calling them off the bench. Appreciate and foster their talent and enrich their professional development with mentoring and training while honoring their families and life outside of work.

Time after time they will be our Mom Corps Dallas clients’ star players!