Who is on Your Professional Advisory Board?

This is your career. For a lot of us, it defines a significant portion of who we are.

What is a Professional Advisory Board? This is YOUR team of advocates advising and championing your growth beyond your existing position, propelling your professional development with a unique perspective.

These board members are important.

Honesty is key! You don’t want anyone on your Board who can’t give it to you straight up: the good, the bad and the ugly. You want someone who wants the best for you.

In this case YOU are Chairman of the Board. You pick!

Let’s get started. Who is your Chief ___ Officer:

  • Visionary
  • Operations
  • Culture
  • Accountability Task Master
  • Connector
  • Supporter, someone who will lift you up when times are tough
  • Marketing
  • Communicator
  • Financial
  • Innovation
  • Technology/Information
  • Work/Life Balance

Remember in areas where you aren’t proficient, bring powerhouse strength to your bench!

Assemble, rally and activate your Professional Advisory Board now.  You’re the boss, it’s up to you!