The Office and Your Role Have Changed: Now What?

Maybe you have successfully navigated job searching during the coronavirus pandemic and are ready to begin your next career journey, or perhaps you are returning from being furloughed to a new and different role.

If you’re returning to the same role you had before the virus, the office and your role has changed. Jesuit Graduation 2020

Are you wondering what it is like to start a new job now?

Here are five tips to help you:

  • Be flexible. If you have not already done so, ask many questions to learn how you will be working. Will you be onboarding remotely or expected in the office? As we all know, things now are not what they were, nor are they likely to continue as they are now. Ask the questions necessary to perform at your best level but understand the fluidity of the answer. Give yourself and your company grace to maneuver as situations arise.
  • Create connections. By now, you have had the opportunity to ask questions to help you decide whether the company’s culture is right for you. Invest in those around you. Display gratitude and kindness.  Be culturally sensitive and honor others’ opinions. If there are areas you wish to effect change, you will need to call on those with whom you work. Connections within your workplace also help your mindset.
  • Choose your battles wisely. Many workplaces now require masks. Others allow those who wish to wear a mask to do so. Pay attention to what your co-workers are doing. Treat it as you would any other part of the company’s dress code. As the newcomer, now is not the time to draw a line in the sand over masks.
  • Effort is a game-changer. To begin, do your part to ensure there are no delays in productivity. Get yourself set up to work remotely. You may end up working from home on short notice, or for longer periods than you originally anticipated. Get your remote work environment set up now and ask for any assistance you may need. This way, you are ready to jump right in to manage the workflow.
  • Get your mindset in a healthy place. Develop a mindfulness practice. Practice gratitude. Focus only on what you can control. A healthy mindset will increase your happiness and productivity.

Coronavirus has had negative impacts across the board. You can bring a positive change to your new company and co-workers.