All You Need to Know About Job Searching in 2017

Are you …

17212226_1573412849338771_4134642024173925771_oSearching for a job?
Thinking about searching for a job?
Open to a job change for the right opportunity?

Well, it’s a great time for it. According to Glassdoor’s newest job trends report, there are roughly six million jobs to be filled right now, which is a record number. Companies are seeking top talent and it’s a candidate’s market.

So if you’re ready to throw your hat in the ring, here’s what you need to know about how to job search in 2017:

  1. You must use social media. You must! In an article that appeared on, author Jenny Foss says, “If you’re not on LinkedIn, you very nearly don’t exist.”Think it’s an exaggeration? Think again. 90% of recruiters use the site as their primary search tool. Make sure your profile is well written and up to date. And make sure your Facebook and Instagram pages are reflective of the image you want to project.
  2. When in doubt, apply. There is a dearth of candidates on the market right now, so use this to your advantage. Apply! Read the job description and ensure your resume is reflective of all the skills and requirements that are relevant. Showcase your strengths. Apply beyond your city – for many positions, location is no longer a deal breaker.
  3. You may not immediately interact with a human. Electronic applicant tracking systems and chatbots may be handling the first round of screening. Just be aware.
  4. You will probably take some tests. Companies want the right fit – skills, personality and behaviors may all be assessed. Be prepared and be honest. You don’t want a bad fit any more than they do.
  5. You must move quickly. The job search process is a dynamic animal and companies are paying attention to how quickly you respond. So stay connected and respond quickly and efficiently to any requests for information.
  6. You will probably be pleasantly surprised. Employers are working hard to get top performers. Salary, benefits, perks, on the job training – all on the rise. Enjoy the treatment, but don’t become overly-confident. Being unreasonable in your demands won’t serve you well.
  7. A thank you note is still essential. Yes, it’s 2017, but some things never change. Sending a thoughtful, personalized, timely thank you note to everyone you interview with goes a long way.

If there were ever an excellent time to look for a new job, it would be right now. We are here to help!