Having Your Cake & Eating it at Home

We are grateful to Awele Ighedosa, one of our fabulous candidates, for her guest post cakeandeatittoo

Having worked in HR as a Benefits Specialist for several years, a regular 9-5 job was all I knew and expected of myself in order to remain employed and keep my skills relevant. After becoming a mom however, I struggled with the demands of balancing work and home life, the long commutes and constant fatigue.

I decided to opt out! Quit full-time work and stay home to raise a family. This decision was not as fulfilling as I imagined it would be for ME.

As a result I began searching for my ideal job: one that I would complement my acquired skill set, have new challenges, but flexible enough to keep me home most of the time.

I kept an open mind to seeing what other areas I could excel in besides Benefits Administration. During my search, I made connections with a recruiter from Mom Corps Dallas. Danielle Potschantek contacted me with job leads and interview opportunities with different companies for about a year until I landed my dream job.

I love my new job as an Account Manager as I am able to work remotely for a reputable company based in Chicago, commute to my client’s site for meetings occasionally and have enough quality time during the day to spend with my little ones.

I am a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) with two preschoolers and a well-paying job that I love.

Mom Corps Dallas helped me have my cake and eat it too!