If Emily Post Covered Applicant Etiquette

FacetuneWe are all well-versed in social etiquette. A firm handshake, timely thank you notes, correct utensil placement at the dining room table – we’ve got these things down. But if you’re looking for a new professional opportunity, you may not be aware that an important code of etiquette exists in the job search world that will cast you in a positive light to recruiters and potential employers.

So we wondered, if the doyenne of etiquette wrote a book on professional business etiquette, what would she tell applicants about the proper way to conduct a job search?

DOMake Sure Your Resume is Strong. Your resume should be clean, professional and eye-catching, but not overly kitschy or graphic. Ensure it is grammatically correct and free of spelling or formatting errors.

DO: Make Yourself Available for Interviews. You may be working, that is understood. But if you are serious about finding a new opportunity you must make yourself available to interview with both recruiters and potential employers. Show commitment, willingness and flexibility – it will go a long way.

DO: Be Honest and Respectful to Your Recruiter. Recruiters are your partners. If they believe in you, they can be your biggest advocates. But they don’t work FOR you. Be honest, kind and respectful. In an Ivy Exec article entitled, “If You Work With a Recruiter, Don’t Make This Big Mistake,” they sum it up best when they say, “I would caution you not to burn bridges … recruiters have long memories.”

DO: Research the Company. Once your recruiter has shared this information, you MUST do your homework. Research the company, its market, and the key players. Formulate a list of thoughtful, insightful questions. Be prepared and interested.

DON’T: Make Your Recruiter Chase You. Follow up in a timely fashion after an interview. Respond quickly to requests. Timely responses give your recruiter the information necessary to operate from a position of strength. This serves everyone’s best interests.

DO: Have Realistic Salary Expectations. In an article entitled “How Candidates Should Act During the Hiring Process,” UndercoverRecruiter.com confirms that most deals don’t go through because of a disagreement on salary. Know what you are worth, but be realistic.

DO: Realize That Commitments Are Important. Once you have agreed to work with a recruiter, ensure you are committed to the process. If you have scheduled an interview, follow through with it. And most of all, remember that signing an offer letter is a commitment, my friends. Don’t even think of backing out of that.

Emily Post? Well, perhaps not. But adhering to this list of Do’s and Don’ts will absolutely put you in good stead in your job search. Happy hunting!