Working Mother Mantra – The Truth

Juggling work and life is nothing new for us. Our children have always had a working mom and dad.

Balancing it all, not possible, it is more about work life blend. There are activities and days that are sacred family time, birthdays, holidays, parent teacher conferences, etc., and there are Saturday and Sundays when work must be done, even if it from our iPad at our son’s football game.

Our children get in on the work action as well. They:

This is one of those sacred times!

  • have been filmed for TV news segments featuring our jobs or companies
  • give feedback on blog posts, clever headlines for newsletter, select their favorite logos or names
  • provide us assistance when we are technologically challenged
  • ask about our work day and what we accomplished

And so much more!

It is a constant juggle, a never-ending battle to push the guilt away.

But at the end of the day, if mom is happy then the family is happy and all is good with the world. The blending of the two worlds.