Embark 2021: Get Ready to Take On the New Year

Whether you’re actively in the job market or soon plan to be, this past year has been anything but certain. And with that uncertainty comes mental health challenges many of us have not experienced before. As we look ahead to 2021, and the hope that comes with it, let us take a moment to reflect on how to enter the new year with our best foot forward. Land that job, find your next career step, and be the best version of yourself. Read on for how to deal with the impact of 2020 and what skills to build on for 2021.

Accepting 2020

This year was undeniably challenging. In order to confidently step forward into 2021, we must process and accept the “new normal”. As daunting as this may seem when job searching, there are various strategies you can implement into your everyday life to help you succeed and land the role. According to Amy Brann, author of Make Your Brain Work, there are three different approaches to acknowledging emotions that can improve your mental health: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), reprogramming emotional responses and being proactive when down.

Amy Brann, author of Make Your Brain Work, speaking to ways we can boost productivity and clean up space for creative tasks.

The first, ACT, involves accepting what is out of our control and committing to actions that enrich our lives. Once you have this baseline built, it is easier to utilize psychological flexibility in times of stress.

The next, reprogramming emotional responses, relates to the idea that emotional reactions are not hard-wired and can be re-written. An easy way to begin this change is through the lens of emotional recognition. Instead of viewing a stressor as anxiety-inducing, try framing the knots in your stomach as a butterfly feeling of excitement.

Finally, proactive steps can be taken to help shift negative thoughts in moments of need. This can mean doing something physical, getting into nature, listening to your favorite music, or achieving something small yet productive.

While these tactics won’t solve all problems, they will build a foundation for supporting your mental health as you work from home or in an office. Combining all of these techniques should give you a powerful, fresh mindset to take on the new year and nail your dream job.

Looking Forward

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

Once you have this foundation of emotional support, applying it to your everyday life can help you thrive in 2021. There are many ways you can incorporate these lessons into daily actions, on and off the clock: make time for self-care, improve team communication and empower others with empathy. 

“Self care begins with you”

Self-care begins with you and gives you the tools you need to be the best version of yourself. You can weave self-care into your work day by celebrating moments of victory, cutting yourself a break when mistakes are made, and updating your workspace. This highlights the golden rule of mental health and well-being: take care of yourself first, and empathy for others will follow. It is easier to handle outside responsibilities and collaborate with others when you are in your healthiest mindset.

When working with others in the new year, try increasing your positive communication on the “why.” Team members can’t help you overcome any challenges if they don’t understand where you are coming from and why. Explain the reasoning behind decisions with a positive message, and coworkers will come together to help you deliver.

Finally, creating empathetic relationships with your coworkers and friends will help you prevail in 2021. Empathy is especially important when interviewing. Last year taught us that everyone is fighting their own battles and remaining mindful of this breeds empathy and understanding. Empower your relationships with authenticity and openness to build the trust needed to move forward together.

With acceptance and mindfulness, next year doesn’t need to be full of 2020’s insecurity. Overcoming this last year of uncertainty can now serve as a reminder of the confidence and skills you possess to help you excel. Good luck in your job search and your career. Remember that SpotOn Talent is here to help in 2021!