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Ode to the Frankie

I’m a Frankie girl. I love my Frankie. (Frankie = my Franklin Covey Classic Binder with all the fixins inside. If you are a man with a planner, its name is Frank.) My Frankie is like a business and professional “woobie” for me~one of the essential tools for trying to manage that work/life balance thang for this working mama. I’m […]

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Negotiate the End of the Mom Wage Gap

This is a replay of a post authored by Vickie Pynchon on ForbesWoman, Wednesday, February 9, 2012.  As if the gender wage gap weren’t bad enough, we’re now told that mothers – that’s America, moms and apple pie y’all – make 7 to 14% less than the childless among us. Here’s NPR this morning on the mom-gap. BAKST: Well, there’s still blatant discrimination against […]

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