Ode to the Frankie

I’m a Frankie girl. I love my Frankie.

(Frankie = my Franklin Covey Classic Binder with all the fixins inside. If you are a man with a planner, its name is Frank.)

My Frankie is like a business and professional “woobie” for me~one of the essential tools for trying to manage that work/life balance thang for this working mama. I’m going to a meeting, pack the Frankie. Need to find the client post card example, it’s in Frankie.

Parent teacher conference notes, yep, in Frankie. Honeymoon, check, birth of my son, yep, Frankie experienced it all.

I remember:

  • My “Seven Habits” class several years ago, my certificate hangs on my office wall today
  • Taking new team members to the Frankie store to buy their inaugural binder
  • Reading all books that had “Seven Habits” in their title
  • Driving by the corporate headquarters in Utah several times on business trips and making the passengers in the car go silent as I said in my head, “I’m not worthy. I’m not worthy.”

My son’s school curriculum incorporates “Seven Habits of Happy Children.” Over the years I have heard him say:

  • “Mom I’m ‘thinking win-win.'”
  • “Mom this is ‘being proactive.'”
  • “Do you want to hear how I, ‘Began with the end in mind’ today mom?”

Did I mention he’s 11?

Thank you Dr. Stephen Covey for the impact you had on my family’s, teams’ and my life. What a legacy you leave behind!