Energize Me. Please.

As parents, we all suffer from fatigue.  Early mornings, non-stop chaos throughout the day, running from one activity to the next.  And what do you do to battle it? Eat sugar.  Drink more caffeine.  And where does that leave you an hour from there?  Lower than where you started.  It can be a vicious cycle.  I have 3 tips for you.  I PROMISE you will notice a difference.

Sleep. Duh.  But I really mean it.  You must must must get to bed by 10pm.  No television either.  Turn off the lights and close your eyes.  I promise that sleeping from 10-6 is FAR better for you that sleeping from 12-8 (though who gets to sleep until 8 anyway?). Neurotransmitters in your brain require rest most importantly from 10pm til 2am.

Water.  If you just do one thing, do this.  When you wake up (at 6am), drink atleast 32 oz of water.  Before you eat, exercise, read the paper.  AMAZING results in how you will feel. You say that is too much–but I don’t hear you complaining when you guzzle down that Thirst Buster sized Diet Coke. Water clears the way for you body to take on more of the junk you throw its way.  It removes extra toxins out of your overworked system.  Your digestive track will thank you.

Green.  Eat ONE extra green vegetable every day.  That means if you normally have 1 veg at lunch and dinner, make it 2. Broccoli, kale, spinach.  Pick one and dig in.  These veggies have things in them that help detoxify your system.  Toxins weigh us down, make us tired. Groggy. Yuck.

I’d love to hear from you–did you feel results?  I sure hope so!!  Enjoy this incredible weekend.  We all deserve it!

Peace and Happy…