Work, Life, Balance … Truth or a Fallacy?

Meaningful Work, Life, Balance meeting the returning Troops

I’ve spoken with so many women over the past several years, all of us striving for work, life, balance.  How do you define “balance” anyway?  Can we ever truly achieve “balance” in our lives?  As working mothers we are so hard on ourselves and expect so much.  Not a bad thing mind you, just sometimes too much.

I’ll step out on the limb and say whoever said work and life could be balanced was overly optimistic (can I say a bit crazy?)!   Balance is something you strive for, you always have that as a goal and adjust as you go, accepting the fact that you do the best you can.  But to believe you can truly find a permanent balance, nah, not possible.

Recently I’ve heard the term work, life “fit”.  I like that better.  Fit is something you embrace.  You embrace being a working mother and acknowledge that you’re always doing your best to feel fulfilled in your career, with your family and in your personal life.  Fitness is achieved only through consistent action, reworking your routine, applying new skills, stretching your limits, and seeing results.  Fitness is appreciation of the journey.

For me, once I realized I wasn’t the only working mom out here who felt “I don’t ever seem to get it right” – I accepted the feeling that maybe, just maybe, it’s all about acknowledging there is no balance, there is practice, acceptance and appreciation.

Back to practicing work, life, balance/fit!