Five Ways to Celebrate Your Team This Labor Day

Every CEO, president, business owner and manager knows there would be no business without their team, their employees. They ARE the business – THEY make it happen. They answer the phone and speak with customers, handle problems and challenges, take the initiative to find answers, they send the invoices, collect the money and pay the bills. They make sure customers and clients are happy, and that’s what makes businesses successful.

Employee Appreciation
Appreciation is key – make sure your team knows this Labor Day they are valued, appreciated and respected for the jobs they do. Here are a few suggestions:

• Acknowledge what they do – say thank you! Write a personal note.
• Give them a reward – maybe it’s not monetary, could be a Starbucks card or an afternoon off to be with their family or friends.
• Empower and encourage them – let them make decisions and be responsible, they take their jobs and careers seriously.
• Hire and train well – take the time to find the right fit for your culture and everyone’s future.
• Allow them flexibility – happy employees lead to happy customers which lead to happy profits! Balance in their lives is key and workplace options show your appreciation of the job they do.

Take the time this Labor Day to thank the members of your team!

At Mom Corps Dallas I’d like to thank our team – Julie Porter, our passionate and enthusiastic marketing expert; Danielle Potschantek, a Dallasite at heart who brings sincerity and focus to each of our job searches; and Julie Holmgren, whose bright smile and genuine heart goes the extra mile to make sure our clients and candidates are happy.

Cheers to the people who make it happen day in and day out!!

Happy Labor Day!