Top 3 People Points for 2012

They can bring you up, or they can bring you down. Why is it that we spend the majority of our time focusing on the numbers, dare we say dollars, when we all repeat, “Our people are our greatest asset?” Yet our people don’t get the focus.

Our people ~ employees and customers ~ make or break those numbers that we so closely monitor. Most companies are crystal clear who their key customers are and what they need to do to retain them. What about your key employees? Where would your business be without them?

Sure, it’s complicated. We’re being pulled to innovate, reinvent, enter new markets, boost cash flow and more. Where does it all start?

With your people! Right person, right job, right place with the right work environment – bingo! You win, and so do they, and so do your customers, and your profits. Consider these “People Points” as you enter 2012 and future work:

  • Unlock potential and productivity by implementing a results-only work environment (ROWE). Results are what counts.
  • Allow employees to manage their time and work flow, don’t allow fear (i.e. if we can’t see them they must not be working) make you lose your best people. Employees will be less stressed and healthier (i.e. less healthcare costs).
  • Utilize the new technology and redesigned workspaces and allow your people to flourish. Embrace it, encourage it. Celebrate it! You’ll lower employee turnover and save money.

Your people are your business. Build them up, your profits will follow.