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Betty Draper vs. Sheryl Sandberg: We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

In the TV show Mad Men, Betty Draper epitomized the ideal of American womanhood in the go-go era of the 1960s. She was Grace Kelly gorgeous and Bryn Mawr-educated with a drop dead handsome husband who was minting money as a successful Madison Avenue ad agency partner. She presided over a stately Colonial manse with a spectacular wardrobe and a housekeeper […]

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Off & Running

So you’re off and running this year! Are you sticking to the pace, well-trained, conditioned and hydrated, nutrition packed or are you flat out sprinting, haven’t run in a while, thinking you’ll wing it and somehow you’ll cross the corporate finish line and advance into an uncertain future? Why did you start the race to begin with? Just sounded good […]

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