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Flexible Corporate Culture: Finding that Fit

During the election, both candidates highlighted and discussed the need for workplace flexibility. Unfortunately, their focus was on this issue for women while in truth work/life fit is a priority for employed men and women. The election is over. It is time to take action. How do you implement a flexible workplace program while avoiding the pitfalls? If you need a reminder […]

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NOT Their Parents

This group is not driven by money, success or longevity in their jobs. This group doesn’t like to “buy stuff,” yet their economic impact will be substantial.  By 2014, millennial will be 36% of the workforce and by 2020 they will claim almost half! There are 80 million in the population. They are the most diverse generation in history. This group […]

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Off & Running

So you’re off and running this year! Are you sticking to the pace, well-trained, conditioned and hydrated, nutrition packed or are you flat out sprinting, haven’t run in a while, thinking you’ll wing it and somehow you’ll cross the corporate finish line and advance into an uncertain future? Why did you start the race to begin with? Just sounded good […]

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