I am thankful for … nothing

I have to admit it. Nothing is one of my favorite things. Nothing I have to do. No where I have to be. Nothing pulling on my time or my psyche. I. Love. Nothing.

There isn’t enough nothing anymore. In our quest to be better, stronger and smarter and raise better, stronger and smarter children, we are constantly GOING. There is always something we are doing, could be doing or should be doing. We are all on the fast-moving merry-go-round of achievement. And it’s good. I feel good about the choices I make for myself and for my children.

Except … around the holidays, when the kids are out of school, the activities wane and things really slow down … I love it. The nothing. The waking up late, hanging out in warm sweat pants, and just BEING. Being together. Or alone. Without an agenda. It feels luxurious, this nothing.

So this Thanksgiving, in between preparing the perfect turkey and setting the perfect table, I will also be enjoying the nothing. And being thankful for every second of it.