Moderation in everything says Mom

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring mothers and celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. We believe motherhood is an honor, a journey, a privilege. It is trial and error and learning from others and ourselves along the way is paramount.

In this vein, our team will share a few posts about their mothers, motherhood and what this Sunday means to us. After all, at our core, Mom Corps Dallas strives to enhance the quality of life of North Texas families which enriches our communities and provides progressive businesses opportunities to thrive.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Moderation in everything is one of the key lessons my mother taught me growing up, and now she teaches her grandchildren as well.  We would sit down to a home cooked, well balanced meal (my mom was a home economics major) and as we finished the protein, starch and dreaded green vegetable she would have a fruit or dessert for us to share in “moderation”.  What an important lesson this was for me far beyond eating meals. 

Whether it is work, exercise, children’s activities, or any other segment of my life, moderation is a key to trying to maintain balance.  Anytime I’ve gone overboard in any area things get out of sync and I feel it.  Trying to be all things in all areas is exhausting.  Whenever that “how much more can I do” feeling comes along I hear my mother’s wise words “moderation in everything”. 

Thank you Mom, for the many gifts you have given me and your grandchildren, and those around you who love you.  Your grounded advice and input is a blessing for all of us. 

Happy Mother’s Day with love!