Who Needs a Fantasy Dinner Party?

If, hypothetically, I was approaching a significant birthday and my nearest and dearest were asking me what is the perfect way to celebrate … ah hmmmm … the day and further probed what would be my fantasy dinner party, last supper, pièce de résistance.

There is no hesitation.

I know what, who, where, when and how:

  1. Relaxed, real conversations in a special place with drinks, a lil food and important females in my life
  2. My girls, the ones who make me laugh, always bring me joy, enrich my life, make me a better mama, smarter business woman
  3. The Four Seasons, the ultimate zen
  4. Not the same weekend as a school auction party, BFF’s husband’s birthday weekend, et al
  5. Relaxed, no phoof

I don’t need a fantasy dinner party. Fairy tales aren’t real. There’s no desire to be Cinderella.

It is simple really. Kickin’ myself that it took me so long to discover, what should guide my life ~ what I want, need and should enjoy not just on the hypothetical significant day, but every day, in my personal and professional life.

Must ditch running on an empty tank, taking care of others while sacrificing my own well being and letting my professional life run my life, dictate how I act and spend my time at home, sucking the energy out of me so there is nothing left.

The answer ~ Find alignment and diligently protect it:

  • Personally – take care of self, continue to make family priority and spend time with friends without feeling guilty, topped with sprinkles of volunteer work pixie dust
  • Professionally – work with people who value a peer that will challenge their decisions, who want a true business partner, trust in counsel and strategic decision making, who appreciate what I do and how I do it, professionals who make me smarter, while I make a difference in their business and the communities we serve. People who know being a good mom is my top priority and that I put my family first without compromising my work product.

Oh, significant birthday, please come and go. Thank you for helping me crystallize my guiding principles and accepting that there is not enough wind in these old lungs to blow out all those candles.

Cheers! This one’s for the girls!