Challenge of the Year.

New Years Resolutions usually pave the road with good intentions, yet loose their spark around the end of January.

SO, let’s make it simple. ONE THING at a time. Focus on 3 aspects of your life. Divide it monthly. Diet, Exercise, Self.

January (diet). Eliminate this month. All food coloring, fried foods, artificial anything. Drink 32 ounces of water when you get up EVERY morning.

February (exercise). Walk/run/jump 3times a week for 45 min. No excuses.

March (self). Get up 10 minutes earlier and WRITE down 2 things that you are grateful for. That you feel blessed about.

April (diet). Add this month. Eat a salad or raw vegetables BEFORE you start your meal.

May (exercise). Try something new.  Yoga, Boxing, Running, Pilates, Biking. Anything, just try atleast one new thing once.

June (self). Before you go to bed at night, write down 3 things that were GOOD about the day. Big, small, whatever. Just find 3 positives.

July (diet). Try a fresh juice, try kale salad. Try a new, healthy food option atleast 3x a week.

August (exercise). Stretch everyday.

September (self). Tell someone they are special to you. Ask a friend to lunch–or better yet, ask them to walk with you! (killing 2 birds!)

October (diet). Ramp it up. Add fresh vegetables at every meal.  Eat meat just once a day.

November (exercise). Just do it.

December (self). Take time during this hectic time for your self. One hour each week, just for you.

You may find yourself rolling into the next year with fresh perspectives and a stronger view of yourself within. What do you have to lose?? I’ll be anxious to hear your results!

Here’s to a healthy, HAPPY 2012.