Bunt or base hit?

Go for the win!

Dog days of summer are here. It’s getting warmer and your team is feeling the heat. Mediocre players are being reviewed, minor league up and comers are biting at the bit, star players might have hit a slump and free agents are checking out their options. It’s almost mid-season and if you’re going to go for the win, bunt or base hit, better check your roster and work on the line-up.

Star player slump – your #1 salesperson or over-achieving division leader is stuck. Could it be their self-esteem is tied to success using the old playbook and even though you encourage new ways of doing things, it’s only polite lip service? You’re not really rewarding them for creating new plays and making them happen.

Bringing up the minor league player – a bit rough around the edges but you believe you have a diamond in the rough. Don’t let the competition snag them. Summer hiring is heating up and you have competition. Share your passion, be transparent and give them room to grow. They will seize the opportunity to add value to your team.

Mediocre average unengaged team members – is every employee encouraged to innovate and supported when they fail?  True innovation may come from being encouraged to step out on the limb and swing for the home run.  Engage them, or let them go, don’t settle for mediocre.

Free agent shopping – if your top-tier talent is out looking to go to your competitor, how engaged are they with you, their peers and more important your customers?

People are your business. Star players, minor league talent, engaged, aligned employees are the energy, passion and innovation in your business. Check your roster, work on your line-up. You may have an amazing product, but it is your team, your people that will hit the home run and win the game.