Gift from a Stranger

My family had the privilege of meeting a wonderful young man recently, Constantine.  Constantine is graduating from Stanford University with a M.B.A. and received his undergraduate degree from Harvard. The world is his oyster.

Constantine was in Dallas for a job interview.  As he was updating us on his interview that day he asked me, “If I get this offer and decide to accept it, what would you tell me is the best thing about living in Dallas?” Wow.

It took just a second for me to say, “The people.”

“What makes them different?” he said.

“They are genuinely giving, warm, considerate and welcoming,” I told him.

This Thanksgiving my heart is thankful for all the amazing people who have touched my life:

  • I am truly blessed by the handful of very special people who encouraged and supported me as I made the decision to launch Mom Corps in Dallas. {Can you believe it has almost been a year?}
  • Many friends and past clients who helped share the news we were here.  They made introductions, invitations and these incredible men and women business leaders embraced Mom Corps and gave us opportunities to place our fabulous candidates in rewarding employment.
  • The amazing members of my Mom Corps Dallas team, who have worked till the wee hours of the morning to share our mission and business.
  • Our client partners for whom I am so proud and honored to be a trusted member of their team.
  • Our fabulous candidates who over and over cause me to tell them “You are amazing!”

To say I am beyond overwhelmed with all that so many have done for Mom Corps Dallas and me is an understatement.

I am grateful this Thanksgiving.  Thank you Constantine for asking your question.