5 keys to a productive, satisfied workforce

Q2 2012 is upon us! We are crossing the quarter-mile mark. So where do we stand? Are we barking out direction from the sidelines or are we in the thick of the action, out on the field pacing our athletes, ready with the water bottle, chest bump and high five after a great effort?

Remember, we entered this race with the intention of finishing FIRST. It takes a TEAM to get you there ~ athletes, trainers, managers, coaches and fans. Each person brings a talent and makes a contribution that takes us closer to the finish line.

Be realistic of the challenges ahead:

  1. Bench strength: in spite of high unemployment numbers, the #1 concern among employers is shortage of true talent
  2. Individual goals: you have four generations on your team – Gen X, Gen Y, Boomers and Veterans – how do you provide motivation and rewards for all?
  3. Communication: almost 60% of senior executives at Fortune 1,000 companies view social media as critical not only to customer care, but also employee communication and innovation
  4. Training: the digital age has changed the entire landscape of employees’ options. Take advantage of opportunities to add value to your teams’ knowledge base; the return is increased energy, focus and attitude.
  5. Performance: inspire, re-assure, train, mentor, get out on the field! Chest bump and high five – it matters when you encourage personal achievement within your team.

Where are YOU as you cross the quarter-mile mark? Address the challenges, adjust and join your team as they strive to cross the finish line first!