Question Your Business Strategy This Summer

Ever watched a regatta where the rowers are so synchronized, so in the flow, they power through the water creating no wake and no back splash with their oars?

As they lay-back into each stroke they use the full range of their arms, legs and core; the entire team of four or eight rowers pulling through simultaneously to the finish. The seemingly effortless speed of the boat is generated and maintained by each individual contributor being in the flow of the stroke.

One goal. One mission. One purpose.

Isn’t this what we all strive for in our businesses? When you feel your entire organization is of common mind, focus and vision. Each one engaged, aligned and making his or her contribution to the goal.

How do we obtain swing? Stay in the flow?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does everyone know where are you going? Is everyone on the same page, with the same goal? Does it deeply resonate with each member of the organization? Each and every employee when asked “where are we going” needs the same answer.
  • How are you communicating your purpose and your core values to your team? No, not only the executives, your people on the front line. They are the face of your company. Have you been on the field with them? Been transparent, lived your purpose?
  • Do you trust and encourage your team to know what they have to do to get the job done? If they “catch a crab” and make a mistake, are they lifted up and put back in the boat, cheered on as they begin to row again? Are they encouraged and allowed to create and innovate? Whether you call it “The Power of Pull” or “Customer Capitalism,” we are entering a different economy.
  • Are your executives, managers, employees and youhappy and having fun? Yes, actually passionate and loving what they do? Having people who care about what they do is what makes work fun and employees happy. Happy employees have more energy, are more positive, optimistic, keep customers happy, hence create revenue.

The heat of summer is here. It is time to refocus, assess your strategy, regain your organization’s swing and maximize your flow. Blades down, ready all, row!