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Gift from a Stranger

My family had the privilege of meeting a wonderful young man recently, Constantine.  Constantine is graduating from Stanford University with a M.B.A. and received his undergraduate degree from Harvard. The world is his oyster. Constantine was in Dallas for a job interview.  As he was updating us on his interview that day he asked me, “If I get this offer […]

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Right Person, Right Position, Every Time

Guest blogger:  Adrian Wood, VP of business development, PeopleSync, has a 22 year career in sales, business development & professional services across SaaS offerings. Passionate about simple & effective business solutions for the HR industry.   We were lucky enough to have Cindy from Mom Corps Dallas join us on our webinar recently (The Contingent Workforce) to highlight the […]

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You Don’t Know … Until You Know

When I was young, single and completely work-obsessed, I thought I had my life figured out.  70 hour workweeks?   Check.   Independence?   Jam-packed calendar?   Plenty of disposable income? Check, check and check. I was fulfilled! I was productive! I was important! I didn’t know how I would live any other way. And then I got married, had a child […]

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