Right Person, Right Position, Every Time

Guest blogger:  Adrian Wood, VP of business development, PeopleSync, has a 22 year career in sales, business development & professional services across SaaS offerings. Passionate about simple & effective business solutions for the HR industry. http://www.peoplesync.com


We were lucky enough to have Cindy from Mom Corps Dallas join us on our webinar recently (The Contingent Workforce) to highlight the importance of fitting candidates to the environment they will be working in.

Companies like Mom Corps do a great job of finding the right skills in a potential employee, and now PeopleSync is an example of how you can take the next step and predict their success based upon their cultural fit and match to the habits and behaviors of the team and top performers.

Why should you care?

We believe there is a responsibility in hiring that both the employer and employee need to remember. Financially, the cost of a bad hire ranges from one to five times their annual salary, but the human cost is just as dire: people uproot families, and set personal expectations that can all be impacted by a bad ‘fit’ within a new team or organization. However, let’s not just focus on the employer; individuals should also take steps towards understanding themselves.

This is why we love working with companies like Mom Corps. Together we can offer a total solution for clients and individuals that have a genuine interest and concern in getting the right people into jobs where they are destined to be successful. We are thankful to see a growing list of clients that also feel the same way.

If you like our philosophy, then read some other thoughts on our own blog ‘In Sync’. Or, take advantage of our team building workshops as a great way to easily experience understanding your own culture of habits and behaviors. Once again, thanks to Cindy for providing some great material for our audience!