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Why You Need a Good Recruiter

Embarking on a job search is enough in and of itself. If you’ve already started your search and have sent out countless resumes, applied for what feels like a million jobs online and have gotten nowhere with leads or referrals from friends and acquaintances, it sounds like a good time to enlist the help of a recruiter. Finding a good […]

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The Job Search: It’s Game ON

The Job Search: It’s Game ON So you’re looking for a job. You’ve updated your resume, researched the market, invested in a great interview ensemble and begun your process. Perhaps you’ve shared your resume with a job board or are working with a recruiter. Now is the time to stop and realize – It’s Game On. In everything (and I do […]

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Insider Tips for Getting Past the Recruiter

I’m a recruiter. I’m the roadblock standing between you and your possible dream job. You’ve seen the job posted online or perhaps you heard about it from a friend and it sounds perfect!  Now, how do you get from that blinking cursor on your computer screen application to the interview seat? Through me. I’m not trying to gloat … I’m here to […]

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