People Over Place: 5 Tips for Successful Hybrid Work

hybrid success tips

A survey by McKinsey found that hybrid work is becoming the norm, with most employers (9 out of 10) saying they will allow some hybrid scheduling in the future. Despite the embrace of this new way of working, many organizations have just started outlining the specifics of a more permanent mix of remote and on-site working. Here are five success tips for thriving in a hybrid work environment.

1. Listen and Engage with Everyone 

As a remote worker, you will need to be more intentional in fostering relationships. The opportunities in the hall, elevator, conference room will not be available every day. To combat the challenge of distance, create a colleague connection plan and stick to it. Most importantly fight the urge for transactional-only relationships.

2. Be Easy to Work With

Though it may seem obvious, one of the top tips for hybrid work is being flexible. Be prompt, pleasant, and responsive to collaborative projects. Set parameters, goals and celebrate wins. Follow through on your commitments.

3. Time Management Pro = Hybrid Work Pro

Time management is a critical remote working skill. This means you need to determine what suits you best for at-home (independent work) versus a collaborative, in-office setting. In a hybrid environment, employees and managers need to set priorities and structure their time.

The uptick in productivity beyond the third quarter of 2020 is credited to employees taking advantage of flexible ways of working. The McKinsey survey also found that 58% of executives felt individual employee productivity improved in their remote teams.

4. Make Yourself Visible

According to a Microsoft survey, 67% of employees want more in-person time with colleagues. If geography allows, try to go to the office occasionally to meet with the team, particularly if you are new or someone new is joining. In the virtual environment, even if cameras are not a necessity, turn them on and present yourself in good lighting and a tidy workspace.

5. Create a Dedicated At-Home Workspace

As part of your personal brand, make your at-home workspace mirror your personal brand standards. It should be consistent, professional, well lit, and project a professional image.

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