Reputation Management During Your Hiring Process

Brand Protection During Your Hiring Process

Reputation management during your hiring process will allow you to capture the interest and respect of high-value candidates and protect your Employer’s brand. Here are three tips on protecting your employer’s brand and reputation during the interview process.

1. Structured and Consistent Selection Processes

Have a fair and consistent structure to your candidate selection process.  Consistency in all stages is important for a positive candidate experience. If candidates experience discrepancies and communication delays during the hiring process it can have reputation repercussions.

2. Timeliness is Valued and Required In All Stages

A timely response is vital to a positive candidate experience. First, candidates want to know whether their applications are moving forward. During your process communicate what stage their application is in. If there is any interview feedback, provide it. Lastly, whether you’re going to make an offer — and they want this information promptly. Updating candidates on their status throughout the hiring process demonstrates respect for their time. It also significantly improves their experience. Which results in a positive impression of your company. Read more about Respecting the Candidates’ Time.

3. Select the Right Recruitment Partner

Recruiters are held to a higher standard in the candidate journey. Often they are the front lines of candidate experience. The first human contacts are often the recruiters. Read this article for more details on reputation management during your hiring process. It is important to partner with a conscientious recruiting firm to be an extension of your brand in the candidate experience.

Having a structured and consistent process, respecting candidates’ time, and having the right recruiting personnel results in a boost in the overall employment brand impression, and provides a great candidate experience. Read more about the role reversal of employers and candidates in the current landscape. Try these tips in your hiring process in order to capture the interest and respect of high-value candidates.

At Spot On Talent, we are in the business of helping you grow your business. We want to be an extension of your brand to facilitate the best hiring journey for you and candidates seeking to join your team. In the hope that your employer brand is protected and you capture top talent.

Brand Protection During the Candidate Experience