We Are In The Same Boat

In the same boat pic2Over the past 90 days, our client partners and team have experienced a change in the current. The market has tightened. The pendulum is swinging to a new era.

Strong candidates are being gobbled up faster than clients can make offers.

Couple the 4.7% unemployment rate in DFW with the:

  • Scarcity of top talent
  • Pace of globalization
  • Imbalance of demographics
  • Shortage of talent pipelines …

Top tier professionals will only continue to be harder to find.

There is a war for talent. So, what do you do to combat it? 

There is no panacea solution. We’re all in the same boat together. When you’re in a war, you need a strategic plan of attack and a prepared and committed team around you.

One of your secret weapons is your external recruiting partner. Working well together is key to winning the battle. Consider taking these steps:

  • Let us know as soon as possible that you have a position open. The sooner we can begin to understand exactly what you’re looking for and begin sourcing, screening and connecting with potential top talent, the better for you.
  • When we call or email, please respond. You are juggling a million balls, we understand. Responsiveness and communication are keys to a successful relationship.
  • When we send a resume over, you have to act swiftly. Strong candidates get snapped up. Whether it’s a yes, want to speak with them, I have a few questions about this candidate, or no, not interested – communicate with us.
  • Have your interview team ready. Arm them with good interview skills. If you want help with this, let us know. Remember the candidate interviewing could be a customer, advocate or partner for your firm regardless of whether they are hired. Treat them as such.
  • After the interview is complete, ensure you get feedback about the candidate and share it with us quickly. Your thoughts, questions and ideas are important input as we hunt down the best talent possible.
  • Sell your company. We have before you even had to but now it is your turn. If you want the candidate to join your company, sell them on it. Your competition is doing it; trust us. Know your culture and differentiators.
  • Assist in closing the candidate if needed. They will have more than one offer. Expect it and work with us to close the deal, but …
  • Leave the offers to us. Don’t discuss compensation with a candidate. All cards are on the table when the candidate is initially presented to you. By the time you are ready to make an offer, the candidate may have multiple opportunities. We will extend offers at the right time and for the right amount.
  • If you low ball a candidate, you can lose in more ways than one. Your prospective super star will run immediately and your brand’s reputation could be tarnished.

 Times have changed. With a strong, cohesive partnership, together we will win many battles.

 Game on! Prepare and help us, help you, win the war for talent.