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Interview Feedback & Why It’s Important

The last thing anyone might want to do after receiving a rejection is to ask your interviewer for feedback. All I would want to do in that situation, especially if I felt very confident about the interview, is dig into a pint of ice cream. But, let’s put the spoon away for a second and think of this as an […]

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You Can Never Make a Second First Impression!

We are constantly making first impressions in our personal and professional lives. We make them when meeting new friends, at school events, social events, for business and most importantly when interviewing for a job! Unfortunately, we have no control over someone’s first impression when meeting us. However, we can do some things to help with first impressions at a job […]

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We Are In The Same Boat

Over the past 90 days, our client partners and team have experienced a change in the current. The market has tightened. The pendulum is swinging to a new era. Strong candidates are being gobbled up faster than clients can make offers. Couple the 4.7% unemployment rate in DFW with the: Scarcity of top talent Pace of globalization Imbalance of demographics […]

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