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We Are In The Same Boat

Over the past 90 days, our client partners and team have experienced a change in the current. The market has tightened. The pendulum is swinging to a new era. Strong candidates are being gobbled up faster than clients can make offers. Couple the 4.7% unemployment rate in DFW with the: Scarcity of top talent Pace of globalization Imbalance of demographics […]

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Graduation, CHECK!

Congratulations! You earned your degree and are ready to enter the workforce. If you are gainfully employed or have accepted your first job opportunity, you are among the fortunate! Many recent college graduates are on the hunt for that first job and if you are one of them, don’t despair. The jobs are out there, you may just need some tips on finding one. 1. NETWORK, […]

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It’s Never Too Late To Be Wise While Investing

A couple of news stories caught my eye this week. One was in Tuesday’s The Wall Street Journal titled “Hedge Fund World’s One-Man Wealth Machine.” The article, by Rob Copeland , tells the story of hedge fund manager, David Abrams, who runs Abrams Capital Management LP which manages about $8 billion. The main points of interest are Mr. Abrams’s extremely low profile, small staff […]

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