Graduation PhotoCongratulations! You earned your degree and are ready to enter the workforce.

If you are gainfully employed or have accepted your first job opportunity, you are among the fortunate! Many recent college graduates are on the hunt for that first job and if you are one of them, don’t despair. The jobs are out there, you may just need some tips on finding one.

1. NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK! This is key and essential throughout your career! Tell everyone that you have graduated and that you are seeking employment. People love to help recent college graduates whenever possible. Face it; we were all there once as well!

2. Make finding a job a JOB! As the saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm.”  Lots of other people are looking for a job as well, so get busy!

3. Make use of the various job boardsLinkedIn, The Ladders, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Monster and CareerBuilder, just to name a few. You can search for positions that specifically match your degree and experience.

4. Look for opportunities lists on church, temple and city websites.

5. Consider offering to work as an intern for less pay or possibly for free. Employers sometimes are more willing to give you a chance with fewer skills if they can train you at a lower cost. Many times these positions may turn into well paying full-time jobs!

6. Develop a support system with like-minded students to share tips and ideas!

7. Finally, don’t give up! Perseverance and persistence will pay off!
As Admiral William H. McRaven, United States Navy, said in his recent commencement address at the University of Texas at Austin, “Never ring the bell!”

Best of luck in your career search! The world is ready for what the Class of 2014 has to offer!

Julia Shanklin is a Recruiting Specialist for Mom Corps Dallas. Julia has a traditional HR generalist background with an emphasis in recruiting and has experience recruiting for a variety of industries including public accounting, financial services, insurance and information technology. Julia has developed successful campus recruiting programs and is passionate about matching people to the right job!