Prepare & Prepare Some More!

Recently we presented candidates for a tough Executive Assistant position. This was a highinterview preparation level visible position working for a globally recognized leader in their industry.

Our three candidates were all outstanding professionals ~ well-educated, experienced, polished and on their game. We shared:

  • the company website of our client
  • details about the people they would be interviewing
  • what to wear
  • what to bring with them
  • questions they could ask of the potential employer

Our candidates were ready and excited! 

Boom. Our client called us after they completed their interviews and the candidate that “was” their first choice decided not to ask any questions when prompted what else they might want to know about the company or the job. Another of our candidates seemed to listen and acknowledge her experience met their requirements but gave no examples of her accomplishments as they related to the job. Both candidates knew what to do in their interviews!

Result: Our client chose another candidate, not from us, who asked questions not only about the job, but also about:

  • company culture
  • their employees
  • the people she would be working with closely

She noticed the small things in their office and mentioned commonalities with her own interests. She expressed an interest in not just the job, but becoming a part of their team for the long-term.

Candidates take note: this is what employers want to hear! They want to hear you’re interested in them, what they have done, are doing, why they are special. They want you to come prepared with questions for them. Yes, they need to hear about your experience and qualifications, but recognize you are not the only one interviewing who will be qualified. They are interviewing you to see if you will fit their team, their culture, not just get the job done.

Preparation is key!