“Let’s Do It Ourselves” you say?

Time is money.  When trying to find the best candidate spending time doing it is key.  No one wants to make a bad hire (think about the waste and cost of that!). 

How much is your time worth?  Are you prepared to:

  • Spend a significant portion of valuable time writing a job description
  • Examine sourcing options (do you have an active network, know how to really use the internet to find candidates, have access to job boards?).  We all know many times the best candidates are found through personal relationships and networking.  Are you networking in the area in which you need to make a hire? 

Once the resumes start coming in, and the job is posted online, the candidates come in by the hundreds, are resources in place to:

  • Evaluate all of them
  • Set up phone interviews to screen candidates
  • Set up in person interviews and ask the right interview questions to determine employee behavior and not just experience and skills
  • Run background checks and skill assessments

In addition are you keeping up with technology and the changing landscape of hiring?  Are you using LinkedIn and other social media to fully to access the passive candidates currently employed? 

One of my favorite stories is meeting with a potential client and hearing him tell me, “We thought posting our jobs on our website was going to save us money and make it easy.  I had to HIRE a temporary employee just to go through the resumes that were not even related to the job we had posted.  It was not efficient use of my time at all; I needed to be doing my real job, not managing a temp to review resumes!”    

We ask companies where is time best spent – running your business or reading resumes?