It’s Time to Review and Renew Your Routine

So … it’s August. For many of us, that means that life is getting ready to change. You’ve likely wrapped up your summer travel, kids are heading back to school, and you’ve taken full advantage of the long days of summer to get in some extra time outdoors. Before you know it, swimming pools will give way to pumpkin patches; and although this shift is tinged with melancholy, it’s also a great time for a routine re-set.

Routines give us a sense of security, of knowing what is coming up next. Taking control of our time deciding who and what we will spend it on is tremendously empowering … and absolutely necessary. All good things come from good planning and strong execution. John C. Maxwell, author of several acclaimed books on leadership says,

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

He’s right. So take this time to take an honest look at yourself and make purposeful change.

Gut Check: a Mid-Year Assessment

Mid-year is an ideal time to take stock of your goals for the year. So, how are you doing?

Are you achieving your goals?  
Reacquaint yourself with the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year. Are you making headway? If so, great! Keep working at your current clip. Perhaps you can apply those tactics to other areas of your life.

But … if you aren’t putting a dent in them, spend some time figuring out why.

  • Was the goal too lofty? If it’s still important to you, think about adjusting your approach or your timeline. If it no longer serves you, remove it.
  • Are you sabotaging yourself with temporary behaviors or decisions? If you can point to something you did that got in your way, make a concerted effort to change the behavior.

Consider adding a new goal if your focus has shifted. A lot can change in 6 months and something new may be the spark that moves you forward.

Measure your progress, evaluate your approach and adjust your timeline.

Are you taking care of yourself?
Routines are filled with endless tasks in furtherance of the care of others. But are you carving out time to ensure that you are strong, mindful, and peaceful? Consider these tactics for restoring your balance:

  • Declutter. Clean, organized space leads to clean, organized minds. Plus, it just feels good.
  • While you’re decluttering your space, declutter your tech as well. Unfollow anyone on social media who doesn’t bring you joy and unsubscribe from those endless advertisements.
  • Examine how you begin and end the day. Beginning the day with a healthy breakfast and a positive mindset starts you out right. End the day with positive affirmation about all you have accomplished.
  • Exercise. Whatever you love. Just move.
  • Schedule “you” time. Get away and do something just for yourself. For an hour, a day, a weekend. It’s all good.

And Now, Hit the Re-set Button

So you’ve reviewed and rethought. Hopefully you’ve been kind to yourself in the process. Life happens, and whether you crushed it or didn’t get far, it’s ok – stay positive. Change your routine to support your adjusted goals and priorities and keep moving forward.

Need some support or motivation along the way? It’s out there. Find a podcast. Get a fabulous new planner. Download an app to measure your progress. A task manager of any kind can be a tremendous asset.

But above all else, stick with it. You’ve got things to do and greatness awaits you!