Get Your Groove Back: August Is the New January

Karen VR FreemanAugust can be a curious time of the year … there’s a definite transition from the fleeting, lazy days of summer to the focused and hectic days of fall. Kids are going back to school, colleagues are back to answering emails on time and the focus turns toward the end of the year.

We found inspiration for this perplexing August-feeling in a recent NewsOK blog. The author wrote, “… August is the new January … Each first day of school is like another New Year’s Day. It’s a fresh new start that beckons for resolutions.”

August … a fresh new start that beckons for resolutions.

There is something about August. Whether you have children returning to school or you just have returning-to-school memories, August feels like a time for change, which makes it the perfect time to hit the reset button, redefine what’s important to you, and refocus your efforts.

It’s the time to Get Your Groove Back!

Take Stock
Take a moment to take a self-inventory. Look around – what are you doing? Are you spending your time doing what is meaningful to you? Are you gratified by your work and your choices? Or are you holding onto something that no longer serves you?

Redefine What Matters
We have one life, and it’s too short to spend it doing something that doesn’t feel meaningful. So figure out what really matters to you and write it down. Make it a tangible, living, breathing document that you can grow from. In an article entitled “5 Ways To Get Out of a Rut and Get Your Groove Back,” Psychology Today says, “If your page is blank, there’s nothing to fight for.”

Get on the Road to Getting Your Groove Back
Whether you need a big change in your life to get back on track, or you just need to make some minor adjustments, you must take action:

  1. Make the choice today to make the change. There is power in that.
  2. Don’t become overwhelmed by the change in front of you. Small steps in the right direction are still steps forward.
  3. Don’t compare yourself to other people. This path is yours, and comparison is a waste of time.
  4. It will not happen quickly or all at once. Resolve to stay the course.
  5. Any progress should be acknowledged and celebrated.

Model This for Your Family, Friends, Spouse, Teammates, Bosses, Etc.
In an article entitled, “Why Your Children Need You to Get Your Groove Back,” the Huffington Post says, “I believe that one of the most selfish things we can do as mothers, is not to share all of who we are with our children because we don’t know ourselves … practicing self-care is necessary to be the best parent and person possible.”

Knowing yourself and taking the time to take care of yourself can feel selfish in the moment, but it is actually quite the opposite of that. You are giving those around you the very best version of you and what could be better than that?

Summer vacations, life events or big changes can throw you out of balance from time to time. Now’s the time to regroup, pull yourself back together, and get ready to tackle what’s ahead of you.

August is the new January! Time to Groove!