Why A Recruiter Is Better Than The Online Black Hole

There are many ways to conduct your job search. From utilizing social media to find openings to searching large online job boards, additionally leveraging connections for an “in” with a company you’re targeting and there’s more. One of the best ways, however, is to partner with a recruiter.

Three Reasons to Partner with a Recruiter

  1. Support throughout the process
    1. A recruiter partner will offer resources and guidance at every step of your search. Including information about a role that goes far beyond the job description, interview prep, post-interview feedback, and then offer negotiations.
  2. Search Efficiency
    1. Partnering with a recruiter allows them to gain an in-depth understanding of you and your skills. They will present opportunities that are a match, as a result, saving time. Recruiters are also often aware of jobs that aren’t advertised on job boards. This prevents you from competing with hundreds of other candidates who might be applying for the same job as you.
  3. Sidestep the Resume Black Hole
    1. Your carefully crafted, edited and submitted resume rarely makes it into the hands of the hiring manager. Therefore the hiring manager never sees it resulting in you not getting called, interviewed, or hired. This is referred to as the resume black hole.  It is also why you are not hearing back from employers after you apply for a job. An efficient way to combat the black hole effect is to work with a recruiter.

Five qualities of a good professional recruiter

How do you find a good recruiter? The first thing to remember is you are looking for a partner. Forbe’s article: Does Your Recruiter Stack Up? Tips From A Pro provides tips:

  1. They actively listen
  2. Stay with you for the entire cycle
  3. Unbiased
  4. Are able to say no
  5. Focused on the match, not money

After you have found your recruiter it’s up to you to nurture and maintain the relationship. Once established there is absolutely no ghosting (a common occurrence for our team). We live in a world where many have the mindset to put their phone on silent and ignore the situation away.

First, know recruiters get it, and you should always choose what’s best for you. Above all you should not ghost your recruiter:

1.      Professional courtesy

When recruiters do their job right, they invest the time in you and it’s professional courtesy and respect to take the time out to respond with a call, text or email to let them know things have changed.

You ghosting them may also be holding up a client’s whole process. A client who has also spent time qualifying your profile, so it’s not just the recruiter’s time that’s been spent.

2.      Reputation

Recruiters are very well networked, if you want to create an unprofessional reputation, this is basically the way to go about it.

When you ghost a recruiter and hiring manager they will both be very reluctant to consider you again.

3.      You might be missing out on a better deal for yourself

If a certain factor has put you off, share the details! If your recruiter can help or advise, they will, but by ghosting them they will never know why you would not like to continue with that opportunity. You’ll be missing out on any other potential opportunities with them.

People Are Our Purpose

At Spot On Talent, people are our purpose. Ready to start your search? Submit your resume! Is your search on the horizon? Submit your resume! Lastly, if you have colleagues searching … share this article. We indeed want to partner with you to aid in your search.