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Building Better Teams in 2021: Hiring for Emotional Intelligence

The necessity of an emotionally intelligent team has become more apparent than ever. Your employees are worried about all the things. And you are probably feeling some of the same. Yet, as the leaders, we solider on. That is why 2021 is the year to build a team with a robust arsenal of soft skills. That starts with hiring for […]

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Lone Wolves No More: Why Being a Strong Team Member Is So Important

In this day and age, everything is team-driven. In education, business and life, there is universal recognition that strong, diverse teams get things done better, faster and easier. Make no mistake about it, in the business world, now more than ever, you must know how to be a strong team member. A recent study from Harvard Business Review found that ‘‘the time spent […]

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5 Reasons Children Should Play Sports

This week Sporting News ranked Dallas-Fort Worth the best sports city! This is the first time North Texas has topped the magazine’s ranking. Go North Texas! Okay, it did take an NBA championship win from the Dallas Mavericks, an American League win from the Texas Rangers , the undefeated Rose Bowl champions from Texas Christian University and being the site of Super Bowl XLV for this […]

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